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About Richmond Hill for Richmond Hill, Ontario and Area

When you want to know Richmond Hill, Ontario

Overview of Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

The town of Richmond Hill is located in the York Region, just north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The town has a population of 163,000 and is part of the Greater Toronto Area. With a large and multicultural population, Richmond Hill is one of Canada's fastest growing communities, and it is estimated that the town's total population will exceed 200,000 by 2015. Richmond Hill is also home to the David Dunlap Observatory – Canada's largest optical telescope, unique annual events, the Canadian Museum of Hindu Civilization, and extensive parkland and natural areas with many hiking trails, biking trails and wildlife.

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  • Population: 163,000 (2001)
  • Population Density: 1,727.7 km2
  • Area: 120.63 km2
  • Latitude: 43°53` N
  • Longitude: 79°25` W
  • Weather: See forecast
  • Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
  • Language: English
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History of Richmond Hill, Ontario

The region of modern Richmond Hill, Ontario, was first surveyed by Lieutenant-Governor John Graves Simcoe in 1794, who was constructing Yonge Street at the time. British and United Empire Loyalists settled into the area, and the community began to grow. By 1873 Richmond Hill was officially incorporated as a village and in 1957 as a town, thus encompassing the other early settlements in the area – Langstaff, Elgin Mills and Oak Ridges.

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Richmond Hill's Demographics

The town of Richmond Hill, Ontario, is home to roughly 163,000 residents. According to the 2001 census, 59,6% of Richmond Hill's population is Caucasian, 21.8% Chinese, 6.2% non-Chinese east and south Asian, and 3.3% West Asian. Also according to the 2001 census, 30.2% of Richmond Hill's population is Roman Catholic, 19.1% Protestant, 10% other Christian, 7.7% Jewish, 7.5% Muslim and 27.5% either non-religious or part of another religion.

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Richmond Hill's Climate

Richmond Hill, Ontario has a climate that is highly affected by its proximity to Lake Ontario and by its southerly location. The spring seasons are generally rainy, and the autumns typically have average daytime temperatures and cooler nights. Summer temperatures in Richmond Hill are generally hot and muggy, but daytime temperatures rarely climb higher than 35°C (95°F). Richmond Hill's winters are typically cold and windy, with two to three annual bitter cold snaps.

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Education in Richmond Hill, Ontario

The town of Richmond Hill has many elementary and secondary schools, and is also in close proximity to the major City of Toronto, which is home to many post-secondary educational facilities such as the University of Toronto, York University, Humber College, Seneca College, Ryerson University, Centennial College, George Brown College and the Ontario College of Art & Design.

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Transportation around Richmond Hill, Ontario

The town of Richmond Hill, Ontario, is served by many major highways, including Highway 404, the Ontario Provincial Highway 7 and Highway 407. Go Transit is provided to the town's residents at two stations and public transit bussing is co-ordinated by York Region Transit. Richmond Hill is also close to the city of Toronto, which is home to the Lester B. Pearson International Airport.

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Tourism and Attractions of Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill, Ontario boasts tourist attractions such as the Mill Pond with its numerous trails and wildlife, the Canadian Museum of Hindu Civilization and the David Dunlap Observatory – the largest optical telescope in Canada.

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Surrounding Communities

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Geography of Richmond Hill, Ontario

The town of Richmond Hill is located in southern Ontario, Canada. To the north of Richmond Hill lies Aurora, King and Vaughan lie to the west, Vaughan and Markham are south of the town, and Markham and Whitchurch-Souffville lie to the east. Within Richmond Hill, the southern district holds the industrial region and hotels, and the northern section is called ‘Old Richmond Hill' and contains the town's historical region. In the centre of Richmond Hill is the commercial district, with restaurants, theatres and malls.

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Richmond Hill's Government

The town of Richmond Hill, Ontario, is governed by a Town Council consisting of current Mayor William Bell, the Regional and Local Councillors David Barrow and Brenda Hogg, and the Local Councillors Vito Spatafora, Arnie Warner, David Cohen, Lynn Foster, Elio Di Iorio and Joe Di Paola.

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Richmond Hill's Economy and Industry

Since Richmond Hill is mostly a suburban town, there is little actual economy or industry in the town. The majority of Richmond Hill's residents therefore commute to nearby metropolis Toronto for work.

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Richmond Hill's Culture and Significant Events

Ontario's Richmond Hill has a lively and ethnically diverse population with a profound sense of community kept together by the local community centres and recreational facilities. Richmond Hill also hosts many annual events, including the Heritage Village Day, the Family Fitnik, and annual park concerts and performances.

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Sports in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Richmond Hill, Ontario is home to many sports clubs, including the Richmond Hill Aquatic Club, the Richmond Hill Soccer Club, the Richmond Hill Baseball Club, the Richmond Hill Stars Hockey Club and the Richmond Hill Rowing Club.

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Media of Richmond Hill

The town of Richmond Hill, Ontario is largely reliant on nearby Toronto for media outlets in local television and radio stations, as well as newspaper and magazine publications.

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